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Victory Liner's Schedule Page is Gone

If you're one of the frequent travelers to the north who heavily rely on Victory Liner's schedule page, then you'd be disappointed to know that it's gone.

So now we'll just have to call up their landline and hope that:

  1. The number is still working.
  2. The number isn't constantly busy.
  3. Someone will pick up.
After trying to call 4 different numbers, one luckily had someone answer.  After asking about a bus schedule, I told the lady on the other line about their site's missing schedule page.  She sounded surprised but tried to assure me that they're just fixing it.  

I'm not sure how much they've changed their schedules since May of this year, but if you're curious to find out, you can go to this link:  Victory Liner's Schedule and Rates as of May, 2014

Have a safe trip, everyone!