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AirPhil Express' Domestic Routes and Regular Rates

Here's an updated matrix of AirPhil Express' domestic fare rates.

Hope this helps!

Click here to download the PDF/printable version
Click here to view as a webpage
Click here to view as a Google Docs spreadsheet

Same rates apply to return flights.

Visit for updates.

PAL's Boracay and Kalibo Special!

Hear ye, hear ye!

PAL is holding an express sale for Kalibo and Caticlan(Boracay) for travel dates from July 15 to September 30, 2010!

Manila to Caticlan and vice versa:

PhP999.00 - for travel dates on July, 2010

PhP899.00 - for travel dates on August, 2010
PhP799.00 - for travel dates on September, 2010

Manila to Kalibo and vice versa:

PhP699.00 - for travel dates on July, 2010

PhP599.00 - for travel dates on August, 2010
PhP499.00 - for travel dates on September, 2010

Promo is valid from June 29 - June 30, 2010 only.

Promo rates exclusive of taxes and surcharges.  Visit to book your seats now!

I know, I should've posted this earlier.  Got busy yesterday, guys.  Sorry.

15 Easy Steps to Book A Flight via Cebu Pacific's Website

I have to update this since their website has changed.  Have fun!

  1. Go to

2.  Select your flight details

3.  Click on the button beside the base fare of your chosen schedule

4.  Click on box beside "I have read and accept the fare rules..."

5.  Review the flight details and cost; read the guidelines; click "Continue"

6.  Fill out the passenger details and contact info; click "Continue"

7.  Add/remove flight services; click "Continue"

8.  Add/remove a seat

9.  Click on "I have read and accept the terms and conditions..." 

10.  Click "Continue"

11.  Review booking details; click "Continue"

12.  Click on "Yes, the booking summary is correct..."

13.  Choose payment option

14.  Go through payment process; click "Continue"
15.  Save or print a copy of your itinerary receipt

PhP2.68 Fare via Cebu Pacific

Wanting to take advantage of the PhP15.00 promo, I quickly started booking an October 15 flight via Cebu Pac's website.

Seeing that the promo seats for October 15 are taken, I clicked on "Next Day" and was hoping I can chance upon the  promo fare.

But lo and behold, a shining neon-signed Php2.68 flashed before my eyes! 

What do you know? It's even cheaper than their PhP15.00 promo!

I booked it and with the other fees, I only have to shell out PhP71.00. *wink, wink*

That is, if you wont get the travel insurance, seat selector, and donation to WWF.

I guess if you book it waaaaaay before your schedule with Cebu Pac, it can get this cheap.

I tried to book the same date and destination (actually tried October 15 to 18, 2010) with PAL.  Their cheapest is PhP758. 

Cebu Pacific ROCKS!

Yeah, PAL has a lot of catching up to do.

But in fairness to PAL, they provide some of the cheapest regular fares, especially to Tuguegarao :)

So, maybe you can give it a shot and try booking a flight say...wherever you haven't been to before and just see what their airport looks like.

Cebu Pac's P15.00 Seat Sale!!!

This is just in!  

Cebu Pacific's "For the Chosen Juan" promo is offering a system-wide seat sale on all domestic flights for as low as P15.00!!!

How about international, you ask?  P1,500.00 lang ang one-way!!!

Book it, book it, book eeeet!!!

Promo runs from now until June 30, 2010 only!

For travel dates from October 1 to November 30, 2010.

Based on Cebu Pacific's tweet.

Update:  they now have a banner ad about it on their official website.

Victory Liner's Fare Rates, Schedules and Contact Info

Going North?

Try Victory Liner!

Check out their terminal contact info and departure schedules below:

Click here to download the PDF/printable version
Click here to view as a webpage
Click here to view as a Google Docs spreadsheet

Click here to download the PDF/printable version 
Click here to view as a webpage 
Click here to view as a Google Docs spreadsheet

Contact Information

  • Caloocan:  (2) 361-1506; 361-4665 to 66
  • Cubao:  (2) 727-4688; 410-8986; 727-4534
  • Kamias:  (2) 920-7396
  • Pasay:  (2) 833-4403; 833-5019 to 20
  • Manila:  (2) 559-7735


  • Alaminos (75) 551-3332
  • Baguio Old Terminal (74) 442-5708
  • Baguio Passenger Center (74) 442-5708; 619-0000
  • Balanga (47) 237-0762
  • Dagupan (75) 522-5516 (dispatcher); 515-4518 (shipping)
  • Guagua (45) 971-2002
  • Iba (47) 811-1392
  • Lingayen (75) 542-3984
  • Olongapo (47) 222-2241 dispatcher; 222-4719 shipping
  • Roxas, Isabela (76) 642-8081
  • Santiago (76) 682-7228
  • Sta. Cruz (47) 831-1337
  • Tuguegarao (78) 844-0777

All the information above are based on Victory Liner's official website

I strongly suggest giving them a call to get the most updated fare rates.

Have a safe trip, everyone!

Blogger Spacing Issues

A pleasant weekend, travelers.

Please bear with me while I try to figure out how to fix Blogger's spacing issues.

Apparently, Blogger has had this spacing issue since 2006, which I didn't know about since I launched my 3rd post here on Pinoy Itchy Feet.

After going through technical forums, I discovered that there is a spacing bug that is triggered by the use of quotation marks - which I don't frequently use; and inserting of images, which is something travel destination articles must always have.

Sleepless nights have been spent working around this spacing bug, and I'm giving myself until this weekend to fix the HTML coding.

Blogger has announced releasing a new version, but hasn't set a date for it yet.

If I can't fix it this weekend, we'll most likely migrate to another blog host or maybe even a site.

Thanks for bearing with PIF, all.

Have a great weekend!

PAL's Flat Rate Seat Sale!

PAL's "Fly the Flag with the Nation's Leader" is offering flat rate flights until June 30, 2010.

In celebration of the new President-elect Noynoy Aquino's inauguration, flights to and from Manila to any destination in Luzon and Visayas are at a flat rate of P888.00

For Manila to Mindanao and vice versa, PAL is offering a flat rate of P1,888.00.

Promo is good for travel dates between July 1 to October 15, 2010.

Based on PAL's Twitter announcement


Cebu Pacific's Domestic Destinations

Cebu Pac's P999.00 Promo!

Cebu Pacific is making our traveling plans waaay easier.

With their Pana-LOW promo, we'll no longer have to ask ourselves, "Land, sea or air?"

From June 25 to 28, 2010, Cebu Pacific is offering a flat rate of P999.00 on ALL Cebu Pacific domestic destinations!

P999.00 lang!

Click here for their domestic destinations or here for their route map.

AirPhil's P499 Express Sale!

Looks like Air Philippines is trying to make traveling a lot more easier than they used to!

For only P499.00, you can wander, visit your friends, meet a client, or just check out what the airport is like on these destinations:

  • Manila to Naga

  • Manila to Kalibo

  • Manila to Ormoc

  • Manila to Masbate

  • Manila to Calbayog

  • Manila to Busuanga

  • Manila to Catarman

  • Manila to Surigao

  • Manila to Tuguegarao

  • Manila to San Jose (Mindoro)

  • Cebu to Iloilo

  • Cebu to Bacolod

  • Cebu to Tacloban

  • Cebu to Cagayan de Oro

  • Busuanga to Puerto Princesa

Includes 15-kilo free baggage allowance.  Bring those pasalubongs!

Promo period is from June 23 to 27, 2010.

For travel dates from July 1 to July 30, 2010.

Applicable taxes and surcharges apply.

Pinoy Itchy Feet's Tiny Make-over

Thank you for regularly dropping by and bookmarking Pinoy Itchy Feet (PIF)!

As some of you may have noticed, PIF now has a new theme and is still going through a tiny make-over.

That, and that I've only been posting promo updates. Sorry about that, guys.  I'll make it up to you very soon!

I'll post Roadtrip Part II the soonest I iron out the text and image alignments, I promise. :)

Why change the theme and layout?  Please allow me to explain.

The former theme's text box is too narrow for a travel blog.  

Since Pinoy Itchy Feet is all about travel and relaxation, the texts should be able to breathe, and the images can be viewed up close, as if you're already there.  Hence, the wider page.

Matched with the translucent background, I believe it can make reading the posts more...relaxing, if you may.

I moved the sidebar to the left, because I believe it's easier on the eyes.  Please let me know if you think otherwise.

The sidebar links' text color are also lighter.  My objective there was to keep those links from distracting us while reading the blog.

Subscription to the blog, as well as my profile were moved to the bottom of the page so it doesn't cause any distraction while reading.

Please feel free to give suggestions and I'll see if I can get them done, given the limited technical know-how and resources. :)

I thank you for your patience.  

This stop-over will soon be over, and our trip will resume it's trip.

Have a good one!

Cebu Pac's P499.00 Promo

Cebu Pacific's "Okay Ka, Fare Ko!" 2-day Promo is offering seats for as low as P499.00 to the following destinations:

  • Manila to Cauayan, Isabela
  • Manila to Laoag
  • Manila to Tuguegarao

For those coming from Cebu, going to Ozamiz just got more affordable for only P999.00!

Promo runs from June 22 to 24, 2010 for for travel dates between July 1 - August 31, 2010.

Fly PAL for Only P299!!!

For travel dates between July 15 to October 15, 2010, fly to selected destinations for as low as P299.00!!!  

Promo runs until June 22, 2010 only so grab those seats, now!

With PAL's Papa'sYal Day Promo, 
you get to pay the same rate to and from your destination!

What's more, it still comes with the free 15-kilo baggage allowance!

Book these destinations for only P299.00!

  • Manila to Busuanga or v.v.
  • Manila to Calbayog or v.v.
  • Manila to Catarman or v.v.
  • Manila to Kalibo or v.v.
  • Manila to Masbate or v.v.
  • Manila to Naga or v.v.
  • Manila to Ormoc or v.v.
  • Manila to San Jose (Mindoro) or v.v.
  • Manila to Surigao or v.v.
  • Manila to Tuguegarao or v.v
  • Cebu to Bacolod or v.v.
  • Cebu to Cagayan de Oro or v.v.
  • Cebu to Iloilo or v.v.
  • Cebu to Tacloban or v.v.
  • Busuanga to Puerto Princesa or v.v.
Or go farther for only P499.00!!!
  • Manila to Bacolod or v.v.
  • Manila to Cagayan de Oro or v.v.
  • Manila to Cebu or v.v.
  • Manila to Davao or v.v.
  • Manila to Iloilo or v.v.
  • Manila to Puerto Princesa or v.v.
Taxes and surchages apply, but who cares?

Go to to book your flights now!

Fly to Thailand for Only P1,499

Curious as to what your favorite Tom Yummmm! soup or Chicken Satay taste like when cooked by Thai experts in Thailand?

Writing this entry makes my mouth water already.  It pulls me back to the Thai Canteen in U.P. back in the '90s.

On to business.

Cebu Pacific is offering a P1,499.00 seat sale to Thailand from June 19 to 21, 2010!!!

Taking advantage of this promo lets you travel to Thailand at a discounted price for travel dates between July 1 to August 31, 2010.

Limited seats only, folks.  

And since this is a promo, you can only change your scheduled flight more than 24 hours before your flight.

I hear someone saying "Thailand, here I come!"

Ah, that was me.  

My pocket disagrees, though.

Airline Re-booking and Cancelling Fees, et al.

Before you book and get on that flight, take a few minutes to consider its details first.  Otherwise, you might end up spending more despite bagging the cheapest airfare.

A couple of years ago, Cebu Pacific Air and AirPhil Express only had the basic fees like re-booking, cancellation, name change and prepaid baggage fees.  

Now, however, I have to create separate tabs on a spreadsheet just to fit everything in one document.  

Here are the fees categories when flying Cebu Pacific Air, AirPhil Express and SEAIR:
For some reason, the scroll bar is not showing up.  To see the rest of the fees, please scroll down on the spreadsheet itself.  To check out the fees under different categories, please use the tab links below.

To view the spreadsheet via Google Docs, click here.

To download the spreadsheet as a PDF file, click here.
To download the spreadsheet as an Excel file, click here.

The fees you see above are airline-specific.  Here's what you should expect to pay at the airport:

Domestic Travel:  Passenger Terminal Fee - PhP200.00/person
International Travel:  

  • Airport User's Charge - PhP750.00/person
  • Travel Tax
    • PhP1,620.00/person - for Filipinos who are not permanent residents in other countries
    • PhP810.00/child - for Filipinos below 12 years old and not permanent residents of other countries
    • PhP200.00/person - for Filipino permanent residents and infants below 2 years old)
    • PhP300.00+PhP200.00 (processing fee) - for OFW dependents going to the job site 
      Source:  Manila International Airport Authority

So for those who are on a limited budget, plan ahead.  That way, when your dream seat sale comes your way, you'll be ready.

Lesson learned from rebooking flights.

During a vacation with my beloved, we extended our return flight for two days because we were having so much fun. And another two days.  And another two days.
While rebooking for the nth time, I ended up with an algebraic expression in my head, which went like this:

Base fare + (rebooking fee x 4) + taxes and surcharges x 2 pax = why-didn't-i-see-this-coming??? 
We booked fresh flights instead.

Yup.  Better plan ahead next time.

You may also want to read:

Roadtrip Part I: Driving Around Bohol

Before you say, "But I don't have a car!" or  "I'm not bringing my car through RORO," hear me out.

You don't have to bring a car with you. 

You can get self-drive rental cars in Bohol.  

Yes, for self-drive roadtrip fanatics like yours truly, Bohol is a dream come true!

I'm pretty sure that most of you - especially the photography enthusiasts, would agree that driving your "own" car or bike is better than commuting.

You can pull over whenever you want to - whether to take photos or videos, or to simply store that moment in your memory.

Here's why I highly recommend self-drive roadtrips in Bohol:

Interesting photography subjects
 - If you're a photography addict, I'm sure you've had those "Aw, snap!" moments because you missed an eye-catching subject, but you couldn't get off because you're on a bus, jeep or tricycle.

Right? Riiiiight.

     Loboc River Cruise Station

Customer-friendly Car Rental Providers
  • Affordable options - for as low as P2,500.00, you got yourself a decent car or bike - you'll have to return it on the agreed time, of course.
  • Very well-maintained vehicles - whether you're renting SUVs, vans, sedans or motorbikes, you'll find yourself cruising around Bohol in style.
          The most common models here are the Toyota Vios and Altis series, Kia Rio, Honda XRM and XR, Toyota Hi-ace, Hyundai Starex, and the Nissan Escapade.
  • Hassle-free transactions - just fill out a form, show your license, leave a valid I.D., pay up front and you're off! 
         It's true! You don't have to submit a passport, proof billing or a deposit like they require in Manila as if you're applying for a landline subscription.

What if the car gets a dent?  I asked this question to all of the providers I called up and they all said they won't charge if it's not noticeable. If it is, they won't rip you off.  Maybe P500 if it doesn't need a lot of work. 
Well-paved roads - most of the roads would make you loooove roadtrips even more because they don't "hurt" the car or bike so much.

No need to worry about having to pay for damages.

Or the wife/girlfriend hitting the breaks with her imaginary pedals.

There are some rough roads like shortcut routes to Panglao Island and a few potholed ones leading to the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella; but overall, it should be a peaceful ride.

Very Light to Moderate Traffic - 
you wouldn't have to hit the breaks too often as you do in the city, unless you have to pull over when you're lost.

Polite and Law-Abiding Drivers - 
this is what amazed me the most when I first drove here. 

I never encountered one single reckless driver during my two-day roadtrip in Bohol. No cutting off, no overtaking (except on my end when we were running late for the Loboc Night Cruise).

Comprehensive Street Maps  
- matched with a compass and a navigator who doesn't doze off, you'd get to your destination in no time.

You can ask for a copy of the Bohol Map from the Department of Tourism (DOT) booth at the Tagbilaran Port.  They're not on display like the hotel and beach brochures, you'll have to ask for one.  I'm sure the airport has these, too. 

Warm and Friendly Boholanos
 - if you love driving despite your tendency to get lost even with a street map on the dashboard (fine, I was referring to myself), the locals would be more than willing to point you to the right direction - with a sweet smile and an invitation to stay for snacks.

    Yours truly getting lost a few minutes into the trip.  What's a roadtrip without getting lost, anyway?

Safe Evening Trips
 - I say this with full confidence.  Allow me to share a personal experience.

After going to the ever-romantic night cruise and watching the brass band performance in Loboc which ended at around 11 PM, I didn't see any road threats while driving all the way back to Tagbilaran.

Most of the roads are not lit, but if you stay awake, sober, and pay attention to the road, you should be fine.

That wraps up my travel blabber - for now.

Drive safely!

Cebu Pac's Lucky Nine Promo - June 16 to 18, 2010 Only!

Cebu Pacific recently launched their 2-day Lucky Nine Seat Sale on various destinations both here and abroad for travel time between July 31 to August 31, 2010.
Fly off to any of the following destinations for as low as
  • Cebu to Bacolod
  • Cebu to Caticlan
  • Cebu to Butuan
  • Cebu to Cagayan de Oro
  • Cebu to Clark
  • Cebu to Davao
  • Cebu to Dipolog
  • Cebu to Dumaguete
  • Cebu to General Santos
  • Cebu to Iloilo
  • Cebu to Legaspi
  • Cebu to Ozamiz
  • Cebu to Puerto Princesa
  • Cebu to Siargao
  • Cebu to Tacloban
  • Cebu to Zamboanga
  • Cebu to Pagadian
  • Davao to Cagayan de Oro
  • Davao to Cebu
  • Davao to Iloilo
  • Davao to Zamboanga 
For seat sales starting at P999.00, choose from:
  • Manila to Ozamiz 
  • Manila to Pagadian 
  • Manila to Surigao
  • Clark to Macau
If you're flying from Manila to Macau, seat sale starts at P1,499.00

All applicable taxes and surcharges apply, as always.

Promo ends tomorrow - June 18, 2010!

Visit Cebu Pacific's Twitter post  for further details.

PAL's 2-Day Sale Starts at P499.00!!!

For those interested, you only have today and tomorrow to book your flights!

Pay only P499.00 for flights to Cebu or Davao between July 21 to December 15, 2010.  

Trips to Tagbilaran, Bohol just got more affordable at only P699.00; while Davao doesn't seem to far for only P899.00!

The seat sale for Tagbilaran and Davao are for travel dates between October 28 to December 15, 2010.

Taxes and surcharges apply.  They always do.

Book now!!! - Or tomorrow!!! 

Visit if you don't believe me. : )

Missed Cebu Pacific's P1so Promo?

So did I.

For those who share my fate in missing this promo, let's learn from this mistake.

Frugal travelers almost always do.  Otherwise, we'd get lost twice - or heaven forbid, more than that, and end up losing time and resources.  

So we can better appreciate the gravity of this mistake, let's take a look at what we missed.

Nothing much, really. Just a one-day sale for P1.00 seats.  

A one-of-a-kind promo that lets you pay almost nothing to go any of the 33 destinations for the first quarter of 2011.

If we only knew that this sale runs for one day only, we could have booked flights to go to the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo, Ati-atihan in Kalibo, and the Kaamulan Festival in Bukidnon.  Or flew to different  destinations every weekend. 

Ah, yes.  We'll have to make do with booking it waaaaaay before the flight to get the cheapest regular rate.

To avoid this from happening and saying "Aw, snap! I missed it!" and other expletives, cheapskates like yours truly, can subscribe to Cebu Pacific's promo updates.

Cebu Pacific announces the promo the day before the seat sale, and launches it on different months every year.

To subscribe, visit or better yet, follow them on Twitter via

AirPhil's Seat Sale 2010

Who says you can't extend your vacation?  With AirPhil's year-round seat sale promo, you can definitely fly out and continue your vacation even if summer's over.

                       PAL's turbo prop plane for Tuguegarao. Nope, not for Cebu. It's not much, but it'll get you there.

 For those wanting to explore Bicol, you can fly to Naga on a weekend for only P700.00, or experience
Kalinga by flying to Tuguegarao for only P790.00 - plus taxes and surcharges, which shouldn't be much.

With PAL's current promo, a total of 25 destinations in the country will no longer be too far to reach - as long as our pockets are concerned.

So for those with itchy feet and are born to travel and wander, take your pick and dare to explore more of our beautiful country.

Monthly or quarterly trips to different parts of amazing Philippines? Why not? 

I suggest posting the list below on your workstation and let it drive you to save up for that trip you missed this summer.

P700.00 - Manila to Naga
P700.00 - Cebu to Bacolod
P700.00 - Cebu to Cagayan d Oro
P700.00 - Cebu to Iloilo
P700.00 - Cebu to Tacloban
P790.00 - Manila to Tuguegarao
P790.00 - Manila to San Jose Mindoro
P790.00 - Manila to Busuanga
P880.00 - Manila to Iloilo
P970.00 - Cebu to Dipolog
P970.00 - Cebu to Ozamiz
P970.00 - Cebu to Zamboanga
P1060.00 - Manila to Bacolod
P1060.00 - Manila to Kalibo
P1150.00 - Manila to Calbayog
P1150.00 - Manila to Catarman
P1150.00 - Davao to zamboanga
P1240.00 - Cebu to Caticlan
P1240.00 - Manila to Puerto Princesa
P1596.00 - Manila to Caticlan
P1690.00 - Manila to Ormoc
P1775.00 - Busuanga to Puerto Princesa
P1870.00 - Manila to Cagayan de Oro
P2150.00 - Manila to Masbate
P2480.00 - Manila to Surigao

For further details, check out or subscribe to their updates by signing up through this site: