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About PIF

Pinoy Itchy Feet (PIF) is a humble travel blog launched on June 6, 2010.  

It was primarily aimed at sharing the author's experiences on her frugal backpacking travels and promoting Philippine tourism to both locals and foreigners alike.  

It has later on evolved to fill the need for Philippine travel information, specially on transportation and accommodation promos that help make realizing our dreams to explore our country more affordable and easier to achieve.

In less than a week after its launch, PIF has become a buzz pad on the hottest domestic flight promos, directories of transportation providers and their respective flight schedules.

The author is currently working on improving the website for it to be a one-stop Pinoy travel information hub on:

  • Transpo Promos
  • Destinations
  • Accommodations
  • Trip schedules - airlines, buses, vans, 
  • Directory of restaurants, accommodation and transportation providers
  • Directory of festivities
  • Directory of terminals for air, land and sea transportation
Aside from the Philippines, PIF is now being viewed in these countries as well:

  • U.S.A - Virginia, California (San Jose, Tarzana, Gardenia, Sacramento, Pomona, West Covina), Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, and Louisiana
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Netherlands - Zuid-holland
  • Australia - Queensland 
  • Singapore
  • UAE - Dubai
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India - Haryana, West Bengal
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan - Taiwan
  • Vietnam - Da Nang
  • Hongkong
For questions, suggestions, or review requests, you may contact the author, Vi Arboleda, via:
  • Email:
  • Mobile (Smart):  +63 (918) 635 - 3980
  • Skype:  viarboleda

Have a safe trip!