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Roadtrip Part I: Driving Around Bohol

Posted on 6/17/2010 by Vi Arboleda

Before you say, "But I don't have a car!" or  "I'm not bringing my car through RORO," hear me out.

You don't have to bring a car with you. 

You can get self-drive rental cars in Bohol.  

Yes, for self-drive roadtrip fanatics like yours truly, Bohol is a dream come true!

I'm pretty sure that most of you - especially the photography enthusiasts, would agree that driving your "own" car or bike is better than commuting.

You can pull over whenever you want to - whether to take photos or videos, or to simply store that moment in your memory.

Here's why I highly recommend self-drive roadtrips in Bohol:

Interesting photography subjects
 - If you're a photography addict, I'm sure you've had those "Aw, snap!" moments because you missed an eye-catching subject, but you couldn't get off because you're on a bus, jeep or tricycle.

Right? Riiiiight.

     Loboc River Cruise Station

Customer-friendly Car Rental Providers
  • Affordable options - for as low as P2,500.00, you got yourself a decent car or bike - you'll have to return it on the agreed time, of course.
  • Very well-maintained vehicles - whether you're renting SUVs, vans, sedans or motorbikes, you'll find yourself cruising around Bohol in style.
          The most common models here are the Toyota Vios and Altis series, Kia Rio, Honda XRM and XR, Toyota Hi-ace, Hyundai Starex, and the Nissan Escapade.
  • Hassle-free transactions - just fill out a form, show your license, leave a valid I.D., pay up front and you're off! 
         It's true! You don't have to submit a passport, proof billing or a deposit like they require in Manila as if you're applying for a landline subscription.

What if the car gets a dent?  I asked this question to all of the providers I called up and they all said they won't charge if it's not noticeable. If it is, they won't rip you off.  Maybe P500 if it doesn't need a lot of work. 
Well-paved roads - most of the roads would make you loooove roadtrips even more because they don't "hurt" the car or bike so much.

No need to worry about having to pay for damages.

Or the wife/girlfriend hitting the breaks with her imaginary pedals.

There are some rough roads like shortcut routes to Panglao Island and a few potholed ones leading to the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella; but overall, it should be a peaceful ride.

Very Light to Moderate Traffic - 
you wouldn't have to hit the breaks too often as you do in the city, unless you have to pull over when you're lost.

Polite and Law-Abiding Drivers - 
this is what amazed me the most when I first drove here. 

I never encountered one single reckless driver during my two-day roadtrip in Bohol. No cutting off, no overtaking (except on my end when we were running late for the Loboc Night Cruise).

Comprehensive Street Maps  
- matched with a compass and a navigator who doesn't doze off, you'd get to your destination in no time.

You can ask for a copy of the Bohol Map from the Department of Tourism (DOT) booth at the Tagbilaran Port.  They're not on display like the hotel and beach brochures, you'll have to ask for one.  I'm sure the airport has these, too. 

Warm and Friendly Boholanos
 - if you love driving despite your tendency to get lost even with a street map on the dashboard (fine, I was referring to myself), the locals would be more than willing to point you to the right direction - with a sweet smile and an invitation to stay for snacks.

    Yours truly getting lost a few minutes into the trip.  What's a roadtrip without getting lost, anyway?

Safe Evening Trips
 - I say this with full confidence.  Allow me to share a personal experience.

After going to the ever-romantic night cruise and watching the brass band performance in Loboc which ended at around 11 PM, I didn't see any road threats while driving all the way back to Tagbilaran.

Most of the roads are not lit, but if you stay awake, sober, and pay attention to the road, you should be fine.

That wraps up my travel blabber - for now.

Drive safely!

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Anonymous Says....

Nice one... we had been in bohol in a group tour last year. Next time i want to experienced driving around bohol.

Thanks for sharing!
Hermie of Malolos Bulacan

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