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Airline Re-booking and Cancelling Fees, et al.

Posted on 6/18/2010 by Vi Arboleda

Before you book and get on that flight, take a few minutes to consider its details first.  Otherwise, you might end up spending more despite bagging the cheapest airfare.

A couple of years ago, Cebu Pacific Air and AirPhil Express only had the basic fees like re-booking, cancellation, name change and prepaid baggage fees.  

Now, however, I have to create separate tabs on a spreadsheet just to fit everything in one document.  

Here are the fees categories when flying Cebu Pacific Air, AirPhil Express and SEAIR:
For some reason, the scroll bar is not showing up.  To see the rest of the fees, please scroll down on the spreadsheet itself.  To check out the fees under different categories, please use the tab links below.

To view the spreadsheet via Google Docs, click here.

To download the spreadsheet as a PDF file, click here.
To download the spreadsheet as an Excel file, click here.

The fees you see above are airline-specific.  Here's what you should expect to pay at the airport:

Domestic Travel:  Passenger Terminal Fee - PhP200.00/person
International Travel:  

  • Airport User's Charge - PhP750.00/person
  • Travel Tax
    • PhP1,620.00/person - for Filipinos who are not permanent residents in other countries
    • PhP810.00/child - for Filipinos below 12 years old and not permanent residents of other countries
    • PhP200.00/person - for Filipino permanent residents and infants below 2 years old)
    • PhP300.00+PhP200.00 (processing fee) - for OFW dependents going to the job site 
      Source:  Manila International Airport Authority

So for those who are on a limited budget, plan ahead.  That way, when your dream seat sale comes your way, you'll be ready.

Lesson learned from rebooking flights.

During a vacation with my beloved, we extended our return flight for two days because we were having so much fun. And another two days.  And another two days.
While rebooking for the nth time, I ended up with an algebraic expression in my head, which went like this:

Base fare + (rebooking fee x 4) + taxes and surcharges x 2 pax = why-didn't-i-see-this-coming??? 
We booked fresh flights instead.

Yup.  Better plan ahead next time.

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